Integrator of Information Security Systems, one of the leading developers of products and solutions in the field of cryptographic protection of confidential information, including those with the use of electronic digital signature based on smart card technology.

Operating in the field of intellectual activity, AVTOR bases its principles of work on mutual confidence and reliably supports the activities of its customers.

AVTOR unites highly qualified professionals in the field of information security who have been engaged in the development and implementation of hardware and software cryptographic security over the last 20 years.

AVTOR’s core businesses include:

  • Smart card technology, including the development of own file operating system “UkrCOS” and card apps.
  • Development of end-to-end information security systems for corporate clients and state authorities.
  • Solutions for secured electronic document management systems based on smart card technology and electronic digital signature (EDS).
  • Development of hardware and software support in Key Certification Centre (Trusted Centres) for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • Information resource access management systems.
  • Devices for PKI infrastructure.
  • Protection of telecommunication systems.
  • Development of technologies for payment systems, including the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP).

AVTOR collaborates with leading international partners, such as Infineon Technologies (Germany), Texas Instruments Incorporated (U.S.), NXP (Philips), STM, Novell Inc.

AVTOR LLC is licensed by the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine with relevant certificates and expert opinions on information cryptosecurity.