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Accord Group and Osvitoria told about details and possibilities of implementing STEAM education in a Ukrainian school

School principals, computer science teachers, and parents interested in technology have been hearing a lot lately about the fact that STEAM technology is the future. Yet what exactly is this technology? Why do we need the STEAM approach at school? How to implement it and where to find funds for it?

Accord Group has created its own vision of what a STEAM laboratory is, has implemented it in 7 regions of Ukraine and has launched its own brand STEAM-lab.

Today, Ihor Starenkyi, Head of Innovative Educational Projects at Accord Group, together with Osvitoria journalists, answers in detail the main questions about STEAM educational technologies:

  • What is STEAM?
  • Why do we need it?
  • How to form the core of the team?
  • Where to place it all?
  • Where to get money?
  • How to train teachers?
  • And where is the guarantee that it will work?

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