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Celebrate the New Year 2022 in Eco-Style with the Happy Green Year Campaign by MegaPlant

MegaPlant, Ukraine’s largest nursery of ornamental plants for outdoor landscaping, continues a good tradition and calls on Ukrainian businesses and families to support the global trend of lean consumption and environmental protection.

Choose a New Year’s beauty on the specialised website of the nursery at with delivery to your office, house or apartment on a chosen date and time in late December and get a live Christmas tree (in a pot) for the holiday.

A live Christmas tree 30 cm to 4.5 meters tall to fit every taste is not only your contribution to the preservation of Ukraine’s forests but also the incredible holiday atmosphere given by the energy and aroma of live New Year’s beauty in your rooms. And after the celebration, you can just transplant it near your home or office into the open ground and enjoy the green dense needles of the chosen Christmas tree, pine, fir or even thuja for many decades to come.

Celebrate the New Year 2022 in eco-style with the Happy Green Year campaign by MegaPlant and develop your own ESG strategy with us!