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DigitalUkraine Association signed a Memorandum of Co-operation with the Smart Future Charity School

In 2021, the Smart Future Charity School Charitable Foundation launched a free IT training programme for orphans, persons with disabilities, children from large families and children of the military who died or became incapacitated as a result of injuries.

The areas of study for children from 8 to 13 years in the Charity School are divided into technical development and personal development.

Technical development programme:

  • Using IT in everyday life
  • Cloud technologies and the Internet
  • Basics of Hardware and Software Administration
  • Digital security in life
  • Basics of WEB development
  • Computer game development
  • 3D graphics
  • Engineering inventions
  • Basics of robotics
  • Basics of the smart house system and IoT

Personal and cognitive development programme:

  • Development of attention, memory and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Development of personal emotional and volitional qualities and teamwork
  • Development of social and communication skills
  • Training in public speaking skills
  • Emotional intelligence

Children aged 14 to 17 will study in programmes providing for the opportunity to obtain an IT specialisation in software development or QA.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Basics of programming
  • Java programming
  • FrontEnd programming
  • Python programming
  • PHP programming
  • Software QA

Octava Capital welcomes the partners’ initiative and supports the fully-fledged development of children and youth in the field of information technology.