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Dmytro Nekrakha, Vice President of Digital Ukraine Association, spoke about the features of creating cyber forces in Ukraine in an exclusive comment to Deutsche Welle

“These units are primarily aimed at cybersecurity to prevent interference into our critical infrastructure, information infrastructure, yet they have no authority to take any active action. And cyber forces, on the one hand, will protect against attacks in cyberspace and, most importantly, will have the authority to conduct active operations. Therefore, there will be no duplication,” as explained to DW by Dmytro Nekrakha, Vice President of Digital Ukraine Association, an expert on cybersecurity and legal interception of telecommunications at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Whether cyber warriors would duplicate the functions of other similar structures already designed to protect the country from cyber-attacks. What are the pros and cons of the new Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine. How the personnel reserve for the newly created service will be formed.

Learn about this and much more in the large analytical material of Deutsche Welle in Ukrainian at