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Dmytro Rybalchenko and answer the question of how to choose the form of incorporation of an enterprise for non-residents of Ukraine

One of the main topics of the Ukrainian government, regardless of parties and political preferences, is foreign investment. It seems that only the lazy ones aren’t talking about attracting them.

Mind has found out earlier whether foreign companies and private investors will enter Ukraine from interviews with ambassadors of the European countries, including the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Norway, India, the Kingdom of Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, Hungary and the Republic of Poland.

Today we will talk about the nuances of registering a business in Ukraine for those who are willing to invest.

Dmytro Rybalchenko, Head of the Financial and Audit Committee, CFO at Octava Capital, told about the features of all options for “starting” a business in Ukraine for non-residents.

Full version of the material is available on the pages of in September.