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Extended interview of Vitalii Rozdobutko, CEO of Compass Engineering, published in the “Merezhi ta biznes” magazine

In particular, the expert shared answers to the following questions with readers of the publication:

  • Wherefrom does the imbalance of information systems in Ukrainian companies originate
  • Which suppliers have already signed direct contracts with Compass Engineering, and what is the difference between working with distributors and directly with suppliers
  • Why has Compass Engineering decided to expand the scope of activities from the creation of engineering and IT infrastructure to industry automation
  • Whether the full-fledged industry solutions are technological and economically feasible
  • What elements are included in the set of complex industry solutions, and what projects is the company currently working on

Most issues in fully-fledged projects arise due to the imbalance of systems implemented by different contractors. For information about the need to move from a patchwork approach to building integrated systems and many other nuances and specific aspects of sustainable IT systems in the realities of Ukrainian enterprises please read the specialised publication “Merezhi ta biznes” in June 2021