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How the green areas of Kyiv and the largest cities of Ukraine are supposed to look like today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow: TOP-10 most popular plants by MegaPlant nursery garden

Perhaps, the so-called “green” enterprises, including those engaged in designing the landscape solutions for Ukrainian cities and private lands, as well as those ensuring a high-quality and wide range of planting material for such solutions, are the most complex, yet also the most perspective business in Ukraine today.

While supporting the governmental and non-governmental initiatives, the MegaPlant nursery garden has been the largest nursery garden for outdoor landscaping in Ukraine for over 10 years and replenished the plant offers for shaping large green areas in Kyiv, cities with a million-plus population and ATCs of Ukraine according to modern global trends in urban planning and development.

Demand on the market plays an important role in the formation of new fields of planting materials.

The young trees, bushes and other types of ornamental plants planted today will be able to fully redesign our streets and squares in one or two years. Active landscaping has been already enshrined in the budget of many territorial communities of Ukraine, and these changes are only the beginning. By transforming deserted building surroundings into miniparks and cosy lanes, which, following the example of large developers, is already being introduced by the multi-flat co-owners association in many high-rise buildings and entire neighbourhoods, the communities of Ukrainian cities are helping to create the actual “green”, environmentally-friendly and cosy urban spaces.

What is most in demand among modern customers of plants for outdoor landscaping?

According to Viktor Petrenko, Chief Commercial Officer at MegaPlant, dozens of thousands of units of planting material sold by the nursery garden this year include, inter alia, the following TOP-10 most popular plants: maple, linden, rowan, spruce, pine, thuja, and pyracantha, barberry, hydrangea and juniper.

As we can see, demand on the market this year generally remains quite stable and predictable.

Despite this, the MegaPlant nursery garden continues to diligently explore the best European and global trends in quality urban landscaping, and in a few years, due to the specific aspects of the life cycle of projects in this area, Ukraine has a very real chance to become one of the leaders in urban landscaping of the region, including through the formation of “urban forest”, unconventional and innovative landscaping projects, etc.

Today, the MegaPlant nursery garden means:

  • a wide range of high-quality same-type planting material in large arrays,
  • all plants adapted to the climatic conditions of Ukraine,
  • delivery within 24 hours to any place in Ukraine,
  • modern technologies and “full cycle” customer support,
  • extensive loyalty programme for landscape designers, architectural studios, developers and municipal customers,
  • over 500 names of plants in the catalogue, option of fast and high-quality delivery of plants “to order” from any nursery garden of the world,
  • over 300 fully-fledged landscaping projects of various levels since 2006.

We are waiting for you at the MegaPlant nursery garden!