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Let us support Tetiana Andrianova, CEO at Octava Capital, in the Transformation 2021 ranking

Let us support Tetiana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital, in the Transformation 2021 ranking
Undoubtedly, every Ukrainian entrepreneur who has managed the COVID crisis is already a hero. However, some have managed not only to respond to challenges in a timely manner but also to innovate, review the business model, find a new path to the consumer, explore new markets, attract investments and unite a Dream Team around business ideas. An unusual situation requires radical management decisions from business owners.

Given this situation and the successful path of the winning CEOs, the BUSINESS magazine invites to vote for CEO transformers of the year, including:

Volodymyr Avramenko – founder and CEO of AVK CONFECTIONERY
Aliona Andronikova – СЕО at Moneyveo
Tetiana Andrianova – СЕО at Octava Capital
Vitalii Antonov – Chairperson of the Supervisory Board at Concern Galnaftogaz
Andrii Artiukhov – Chairperson of the Board at VUSO IC
Oleksandr Bulba – CEO at Nova Poshta
Nina Dombrovska – President at Henkel, Ukraine
Alessandro Zanelli – CEO at Nestle Ukraine and Moldova
Andrii Zdesenko – СЕО at Biosphere Corporation
Andrii Zinchuk – founder of Pripravka brand
Viktor Ivanchyk – CEO at Astarta agri-industrial holding
Vitalii Ilchenko – founder and director of Ukravit
Oleksii Kovalenko – founder of Epikur brand
Oleksandr Komarov – СЕО at Kyivstar
Oleksandr Konotopskyi – СЕО at Ajax Systems
Taras Korniiachenko – CEO at TEDIS Ukraine
Volodymyr Kostiuk – СЕО at Farmak
Yurii Kosiuk – СЕО/owner of MHP
Oleh Krot – Managing Partner at TECHIIA holding
Ihor Kushnir – Chairperson of the Board, President ar Kyivmiskbud HC
Borys Markov – СЕО at ATB
Petro Mykhailyshyn – CEO at Epicentr K
Oleh Nikonorov – Director at Regional Gas Company
Denys Paramonov – owner of SMK Group of Companies
Adrian-Valentin Pascu – CEO of Danone, Ukraine
Serhii Pozniak – owner of Cronvest service
Vira Platonova – Senior Vice President and Director of the Visa Regional Division in the CIS and Southeast Europe
Kateryna Rybachenko – CEO at Agro-Region
Oleksandr Slobodian – President at Obolon Corporation
Oleksandr Sokolovskyi – СЕО at Textile-Contact
Yurii Sorochynskyi – CEO at Nemiroff
Yurii Ryzhenkov – CЕО at Metinvest Group
Maksym Tymchenko – СЕО at DTEK
Marek Tomalak – General Manager at PepsiCo Ukraine
Ihor Shchurov – DTEK Naftogaz
Fadi Hraibi – CEO at Interpipe
Vasyl Khmelnytskyi – founder of UFuture
Vladyslav Chechotkin – СЕО at Rozetka
Serhii Chernenko – Chairperson of the Board at FUIB
Andrii Kravets – Chairperson of the Board at UKRGASBANK
Yevhen Shevchenko – СЕО at Carlsberg Ukraine
Pavlo Tsaruk – Chairperson of the Board at TAS IG
Maksym Shevchuk – President at AVA Group
Mykhailo Shelemba – СЕО at Datagroup
Nataliia Shmyhelska – founder of Astorg Holding, Ukrptakhoservis, Hotovo TM, and Foodmama
We are proud of each of Ukraine’s successful leaders!
Let us support Tetiana Andrianova, CEO at Octava Capital.

Voting for leaders of changes in various sectors of the economy is open until 5 November 2021 at: