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LigaTech, PrivatBank and Accord Group spoke about the evolution of call centres in Ukraine

“It is still difficult to imagine a contact centre without any people at all, yet the fact that over 90% of appeals can be automated is true. However, there are businesses for which such automation can be destructive. Earlier, the trend was moving towards the widespread introduction of complex and extensive DTMF IVRs for self-service (by pressing buttons on a phone), but if it is inconvenient for a client, this approach adversely affects the client’s loyalty and retention. Thus, it is necessary to find a balance between the number of self-help services, their convenience and the speed of solving subscribers’ issues. Total automation fails to always have a positive financial effect,” Dmytro Lytvyn, Director for Development at Accord Group, explains.

The detailed version of the material on the specific aspects of technical and technological solutions in the work of powerful professional contact centres is available on the pages of the LIGABusinessInform Information Agency