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Meet the Octava Defence BDM Oleksii Sevonkin on the stage of IT Infrastructure, Cloud & Security Summit 2021 on 7 October with a presentation on “Heroes need SOC”

There is an opinion that CISOs are heroes of our time. And our company Octava Defence claims that they should be relieved of routine responsibilities by giving them space to create their heroic deeds. To make that happen, there is something unique in its portfolio – the Security Operations Centre as a Service – a service that allows CISO to transfer a significant portion of routine and highly specialised operations from the shoulders of their team to Octava Defence specialists.

That is why “Heroes need SOC”!

Attend the Summit for more proof:

Oleksii Sevonkin, the BDM of Octava Defence, will give indisputable arguments, as well as explain:

  • how the role of CISO is changing;
  • why cybersecurity is undergoing a shift in priorities;
  • how to measure the maturity of the cybersecurity system;
  • what makes #Cisco solutions for SOC unique.

See you at the event!