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Octava Defence, a company of Octava Group, became the first Ukrainian company to present its technological and software solutions to the global security community at the ASIS Europe conference in Vienna

It is a unified platform for the protection of critical infrastructure called “SPHERE”, which combines the functionality of the radar control system, intelligent video surveillance system “ZIR”, and sound-metric acoustic system “FENEK” into one.

“SPHERE” automatically processes, summarises and analyses information received from the radar control system, FENEK sound acoustic system, ZIR intelligent video surveillance system and offers the relevant control points optimal management decision drafts to eliminate potential threats.

“SPHERE is designed as an intellectual framework for the comprehensive protection of critical infrastructure facilities. It can be used both by integrating and incorporating into other intelligent infrastructure security systems at the local, regional and national levels.

ASIS Europe is one of the largest events focused on physical and cyber security risks and the role that security plays in supporting business goals. It is the region’s most important gathering for recognised security leaders working in a multinational environment. For more information about the event and the developments presented by Octava Defence, please visit

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