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Oleksandr Atamanenko answers the main questions on configuring cybersecurity systems in business for readers

What businesses most often suffer from cyberattacks in Ukraine. What types of cyber threats are to be taken into account to ensure the sustainability of your business. How to build a map of cyber vulnerabilities by yourself and what expenses can be avoided by calculating the cost of implementing reliable cybersecurity and information protection systems for your resources.

Read these and other popular concerns of business owners and managers in Ukraine in a convenient and clear format in the detailed material of our expert — Oleksandr Atamanenko, CISO, Chairman of the Information Security Committee at Octava Capital, on the pages at

“Informed means armed. Perhaps, even the implementation of such simple and inexpensive recommendations, which you will obtain from this article, will be enough to prevent great risks for your business.” — Oleksandr Atamanenko.

Be safe!