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Oleksandr Atamanenko, the CISO of “Octava Capital”, shared the secrets of establishing a Security Operations Centre for business with readers

Mentioning the SOC abbreviation, cybersecurity professionals refer to a complex mechanism that consists of various hardware and software systems and a team of highly qualified specialists.

The objectives of SOC (Security Operations Centre) are to identify and analyse cybersecurity incidents, respond to them quickly, prevent their occurrence and generate reports. In general, the SOC operation can be compared to first responders’ actions: like the emergency workers, they quickly appear at the right time, analyse threats and try to «extinguish the fire» even before it causes huge damage.

But unlike first responders, the role distribution for SOC is more complicated. Thus, the Centre’s staff is composed of a system administrator, a security system configurator, analysts of several levels, reverse engineering specialists, a forensic expert and even a cyber intelligence specialist.

Read about the pros and cons of internal and external SOC, examples of actual business protection through its operation and features of choosing the options for the Security Operations Centre of your business based on economic factors in the latest issue of the expert column on