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Oleksandr Kardakov’s Big TOP Five: What Kind of Manager Are You?

“This year, after a long break in travel due to quarantine measures, I allowed myself three weeks of wild adventures in Africa. My friends and I visited Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe; we travelled 5,500 km in a minibus and over 200 km in a safari SUV. During the trip, we saw the Big Five of Africa: an elephant, a rhino, a buffalo, a lion, and a leopard, yet we could not get rid of another small animal — a squirrel, which seemed to be chasing us,” Oleksandr Kardakov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Octava Capital, shares with the readers of NV:Biznes in a recent author’s article.

Want to learn more about Oleksandr Kardakov’s Big TOP-5 and why seagulls and squirrels are also on this list after the author’s autumn journey? Read the full version of the article on the pages of NV:Biznes and do not be “squirrels”.