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Oleksandr Kardakov speaks on the staff shortage on the cybersecurity market, the urgency of the CS issues and top new cyber threats in 2021 in Ukraine and the world

Interfax-Ukraine News Agency has published detailed material by Oleksandr Kardakov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Octava Capital, IT businessman and investor in the field of information and cybersecurity, revealing the main issues of the cybersecurity market in Ukraine.

“In general, the staff shortage on the CS market is enhancing and, in my opinion, is becoming a matter of the national security. Since it is impossible to implement fully-fledged cyber defence without human intelligence taking into account the current level of technology development” (Oleksandr Kardakov)

Why the level of technical equipment of your SOC is not equal to the guaranteed security of your digital resources, the cyber threats the modern world should be prepared to and many other insights from one of the most famous IT businesspersons of Ukraine are available on the Interfax-Ukraine pages in July at