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Oleksandr Kardakov: the “giant leap” in business needs curiosity

In June 2021, Oleksandr Kardakov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Octava Capital, while speaking on the iForum main stage, shared the work strategies in the situation of uncertainty.

Oleksandr believes that a business owner or a top manager should start with themselves: with understanding their own “driving forces”. This will enable rebuilding yourself and your team under the new conditions for making the “quantum leap” in business development. makes Oleksandr Kardakov’s talking points publicly available for all portal subscribers.

“Every person, every top manager finds himself in a moment when he has no idea what to do next. It is often, yet not only, the burnout. I will tell about my personal experience and theory I have elaborated personally.

We are living in a crisis today. Crisis is the time when big money is earned, when one can create something. Yet, unless the owner understands this, unless he changes the strategy, shows the way, nothing can be forecast. That is why every leader must “put the oxygen mask on himself first” and then on the others.

Let us start with the classics. There are five levels of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The highest level is when all the basic needs are satisfied, including the need to “brag”. Thus, you are on the top, have looked around — and what is next.

What can drive you further when you are on the comfortable top?

The first thing, which can drive you, is fear. Whether the base of this top will be undermined, whether it will sink or fall with you on the top…

Ambitions can also be a driver.

However, curiosity is the main driving force. Only curiosity can help you make the famous “giant leap”.

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