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Osvitoria.Media: STEM is not the future. STEM is the present for the sake of the future.

“Teachers of Sich Collegium Zaporizhzhya Boarding School, together with students, have been implementing research and engineering projects for the third academic year in a row,” as reported by Osvitoria.Media educational portal.

It is remarkable that the Accord Group’s experts in innovative education were also involved in the launch of the STEM laboratory and project training in this educational institution.

It should be recalled that Accord Group, together with educators, Educational Initiatives Charitable Foundation, the American organisation STEAM.Org, has developed a technical standard for domestic STEAM education for Ukraine, which clearly meets international requirements. Based on this standard, the company created a model of STEAM laboratory, implemented it in 7 regions of Ukraine and launched its own STEAM lab trademark.

Learn more about the original scientific and robotic projects that modern students can create during school classes in the material on the Osvitoria website.