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Secrets of the profession from Tetiana Andrianova: how to prevent criminal risks in the work of in-house lawyers of Ukrainian companies

Corporate lawyers are on the first line of company’s defence. Lawyers are often involved in drafting the agreements, primary documentation, developing business processes, tax optimisation projects, etc. An in-house lawyer can be involved in any of these situations as an accomplice or even an organiser-initiator of a certain scheme. Especially if one of the papers is signed by such a lawyer.

  • What other risks do corporate lawyers of Ukrainian companies have to face on a daily basis?
  • What share of in-house lawyers reports excessive risks in their daily professional activities?
  • How to prevent dangerous situations during the performance of official duties?

Read about these and other aspects of the risky reality of a professional corporate lawyer in a large analytical article by Tetiana Andrianova, Head of the Corporate Security Committee at Octava Capital Group, CEO of Nota Group — specially for readers of the European Business Association