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Serhii Harbar told MIND.UA readers about the latest trends and forecasts of the introduction of the Internet of Things in FMCG

According to analysts, the global consumer IoT (Internet of Things) market will grow from USD 98 billion in 2020 to about USD 188.34 billion in 2026, with an average annual growth rate of 17.48%. Over 27 billion IoT connections should be expected by 2025. It is also known that almost 50% of large retail chains have now implemented IoT solutions to some extent in their business operations. According to the survey, 66% of companies are using IoT technologies to facilitate work with clients. Approximately 90% of respondents have said that IoT data gives them a better idea of clients than any other form of data.

Why FMCG industry (Fast-moving consumer goods) has become perhaps the main favourable environment for the development of the Internet of Things and what are the most promising vectors of IoT development in retail — read in the current article by the expert, Investment Project Manager at Octava Capital, in January exclusively for