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Signed Memorandum with Kyivzelenbud on greening locations damaged as a result of military operations

We continue to expand the circle of partners of the Post War Greening project.

Octava Group and Kyivzelenbud have agreed to cooperate on improving the green areas of the capital, restoring parks and squares of the city, and preserving the ecosystem of Kyiv.

“Post War Greening is not just about restoring green spaces and the environment in Kyiv, it is about our future and the future of our children. We must not hesitate, and we need to restore what was destroyed by the occupiers now,” said Tetiana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital.

According to Yuriy Bakhmat, CEO of Kyivzelenbud, the memorandum on landscaping the areas in the capital damaged by the hostilities will allow the city to receive plants for free to plant in areas that need to be restored.

Together we can continue to develop our ecosystem and move towards victory!

If your green area has been damaged by Russian missiles or shaheds, please:

Leave an application at
Together with our specialist to choose plants
Get a 70% discount
Take your plants and restore the area. Let’s restore Ukraine’s nature together!

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