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The Cyber Security Review: Two-Factor Authentication Is an Important Component of Business Cybersecurity

The hybrid operation mode, where staff works in the office and remotely, has become a feature of our time. The rapid transition to remote work has made it difficult for most companies to implement network and data security when interacting with employees’ remote computers. Since network perimeters are getting “blurred”, it is harder for IT services to control devices operating remotely.

Under these conditions, organisations have to abandon the classic password authentication, which cannot provide a sufficient level of protection, while a very reliable and convenient solution is two-factor authentication based on the principle of “something they know, something they have.”

Read about the specific aspects of such authentication using the products and solutions from the “AVTOR” company in a detailed article by Iryna Artyshuk, Personal Data Protection Expert, member of the Anticrisis Center of Cyber Security of Business at the Ukrainian CCI, exclusively for The Cyber ​​Security Review.