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Ukrainian composer and virtuoso pianist Yevhen Khmara joined the VOICE OF LIFE project of the Octava Group of Companies

We have started collecting signatures from Ukrainian artists on the legendary Ukraine piano to hold a charity auction and help our military.
Octave Capital evacuates Ukraine pianos from hot spots and restores musical instruments so that they can continue to delight Ukrainians in different parts of the country.
The project’s ambassador and the first person to leave his autograph on the Ukraina was Ukrainian singer-songwriter, composer and musician, founder and soloist of Pianoboy, Dmytro Shurov. Today, Ukraine was signed by Ukrainian composer and piano virtuoso Yevhen Khmara.
We want not only to give a new life to the national brand, but also to help our defenders bring the Victory closer. Please support our military and help expand the country’s cultural space by joining the project here:

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