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We continue to green the communities most affected by the hostilities.

Together with Blagozelenbud of the Gostomel community, we planted about 400 plants as part of the Post War Greening project by Octave Group. These included forsythia, junipers, barberries and boxwoods.

Gostomel was one of Russia’s key targets on its way to Kyiv. Heavy battles were fought for the city, and the settlement was liberated from the occupiers on 2 April. Gostomel suffered numerous destructions during the fighting in the Kyiv region. The city suffered almost 40% damage. Our Post War Greening initiative does not just record the damage caused by the war, but aims to restore natural resources today.

Post War Greening has already helped to restore damaged green areas in Kyiv, Irpin, Kherson, Borodyanka and Bucha, where almost 2,000 plants have been planted.

Together we are making our world a better place!

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