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What Do Ukrainian Businesspersons Advise Their Children to Choose? Tetiana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital, Shares Her Position in the Recent Article on the pages of Investory News

In early November, Investory News asked Ukrainian businesspersons several important questions: what advice would they give for their children — to develop their own business or to choose the path of an employee; what pros and cons they saw in running a business and working “for someone”; and what was their child’s first experience.

The following ones shared their position on the transfer of experience to the next generation:

  • Dmytro Borysov, founder of the Dmytro Borysov’s Family of Restaurants
  • Pavlo Grinishyn, founder of Grinishyn, beauty and health industry managing company
  • Olena Yalova, CEO of STOIC Holding, owner of Ukraflora, partner of the ICSI reproductive medicine clinic
  • Mykhailo Horodetskyi, CEO of Indi Vision & Caps Consulting
  • Tetiana Andrianova, CEO of Nota Group, CEO of Octava Capital
  • Oksana Sokolova, nutritionist, founder of Health is Wealth

Learn about the most important aspects of doing business, which Tetiana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital, advises to pass on to children, regardless of age, in the expanded material on the pages of Investory News.