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Another anniversary of Irpin’s liberation from russian invaders was celebrated today with planting green areas

Today, the anniversary of the liberation of Irpin from the Russian occupiers was celebrated by planting greenery in the city’s green areas, presenting the heroic city with barberries, forsythia, and weigels grown in the MegaPlant outdoor plant nursery.

The planted shrubs will now decorate several locations in Irpin, including the old embankment.

“War determines the areas of social assistance for each of us. That is why Octava Group has developed the Post War Greening project, an initiative for post-war greening of cities and territories affected by Russian aggression. Our goal is to record cases of green space destruction and provide communities with more green space,” said Tatyana Andrianova, CEO of the company.

Thanks to the participation of the Irpin community and the Post War Greening initiative, more than 1,500 plants will decorate the city this year. “We are pleased with this initiative of the Group. With the cooperation of the private sector, government agencies, local governments, active citizens and international partners, we can start restoring green areas in cities and communities affected by military aggression and destruction right now,” said Andriy Kravchuk, First Deputy Mayor of Irpin.

The Russian invaders stayed in the city for 23 days. As a result of fierce fighting, 70% of Irpin’s social and residential infrastructure and green areas were destroyed.

“Last year, the Group’s initiative was used to plant greenery in several areas of Irpin. We hope that this initiative will continue. This way, the city will gradually revive and become greener,” said Kateryna Pasyuk, Head of the City Improvement Department of Irpin City Council.

“The restoration of new areas is ahead. So, if your green area has been damaged by rockets or shaheds, leave an application for participation in our project and get greenery

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