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CEO of Octava Capital Tatiana Andrianova took part in SUP DAY FORUM KYIV 2024

SUP DAY FORUM KYIV 2024 is not just a conference, but an opportunity for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to share their experience.

Participants of the main business event of the year discussed the most relevant topics, including business adaptation to modern conditions and human centred leadership.

Tatyana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital, took part in the discussion panel on human centricity in business. She emphasised that today’s successful business is not only about income, but also about caring for people and serving. After all, a team is the most valuable asset of any leader, so a human attitude and support are key in management. People need more than that. They need to take care of themselves. A sense of comfort and security. Opportunities for development and self-realisation. A fair assessment of their efforts. “Human centred leadership is about service. It is about the humanity we show towards our employees, customers, partners, and society as a whole. This is not a fashion trend, it is what really makes business effective today,” said Tatiana Andrianova.

SUP DAY FORUM KYIV is an event that brings together Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are ready to share practical business cases and their own achievements.

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