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Sergiy Garbar, Head of Investment at Octava Capital, completed a 3-day training course “Personal AI Assistant” at the Kyiv State University of Economics and Business.

“Now that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the new normal of business life, we all find ourselves at a crossroads of opportunities. AI is not only a technology, it is a new hard skill that everyone who wants to develop quickly and achieve effective results should have,” says Sergiy Garbar.

“For business and services, AI is a train that is already moving and gaining speed. Someone is already late, but it is not too late to buy a ticket and be among the leaders. So let’s move together, step by step, to new opportunities and achievements!

The potential of artificial intelligence application is very wide, and it is already used in many areas: medicine, finance, industry, trade, and of course business processes.

Businesses can use artificial intelligence to increase productivity, automate processes, analyze customer data, and forecast the market. AI helps with financial analysis, market forecasting, risk management, and trade automation.

“Achieving success in this world is not necessarily about big leaps, but rather about constant development and growth. So think about it, look to the future with a willingness to learn,” said Sergiy Garbar Ready for new challenges?

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