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Octave Capital and NGO Million Trees Sign Memorandum of Partnership

We are planning new plantings as part of our Post War Greening together with the NGO Million Trees. We have recorded our intentions in a Memorandum.

We are pleased that our project of post-war greening of cities and territories affected by Russian aggression, POST WAR GREENING, is supported by public associations. “After all, the challenges facing the country today cannot be overcome by the state, business or citizens alone – only in unity is our strength. And right now is the best opportunity to show the whole world that we are able to interact with each other and counteract such global challenges and threats,” said Tatiana Andrianova, CEO of Octava Capital.

POST WAR GREENING is an initiative of Octava Group as part of its ESG strategy, which aims to record cases of green areas destruction and, together with MegaPlant nursery, provide communities with green spaces for restoration. The aggressor country has dealt a devastating blow not only to infrastructure facilities but also destroyed many green areas. Our initiative, POST WAR GREENING, is designed to save the situation.

So, if you know of any green areas affected by the hostilities, please visit our website and submit an application!

Ukraine will win and flourish

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