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The newest electronic military ID card developed by Octava Group company AUTHOR will become an effective tool to support our defenders

AVTOR, a leading integrator of information security systems and a member of the Octava Capital Group, has presented the latest development – an electronic military ID card that will replace all paper military documents and become an effective tool to support our defenders.

The development reliably stores all information in the chip’s memory instead of hundreds of certificates, IDs and other paper documents and is already being successfully used in the Ukrainian government and law enforcement agencies.

The electronic key carriers with two-factor authorization on the basis of which the military ID cards were created will be of great importance on the battlefield, helping to provide prompt medical care and identify the wounded.

In addition, such a document will speed up processes for the Ukrainian military, including passing the military hospital commission and registration, and will also be used in the future to serve people with chronic diseases.

According to the CEO of AVTOR, these are not just identification documents, but a new level of information about our defenders that protects them from enemy eyes.

“It is multifunctional and can be used not only as a military ID card or medical card, but also in information access systems, electronic signatures, document management, etc.”, emphasizes Mykola

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